What is Life?

The characteristics of living things are all made of cells. And cell is to have a cellular orgnization, use energy, reproduce, grow and develop. All living things needs oxygen,sun(light), water, nice temperature… 

For John Doe’s parent, I recommend them to keep him in the machine because we still have hope that John Doe is making some gurgling sound, and blinking. Some other students said that 3month is enough, and we don’t have any hope because he is not showing any progress. But I don’t agree with that. It can be a long time to John Doe’s parents, but the text said that his parents could do any thing for John Doe  if they knew that he was alive. I think that is telling me that John Doe is very important for his parents. I have another reason to keep John Doe in the machine because the text says that the small part of his brain is alive, and working.

In my first Socratic seminar in science class about John Doe was nice, and I got more ideas from other student’s opinion. I think it would be better if I spoke out more louder so that everyone could understand what I am saying. But for this time, I liked that I could learn something new from other students.

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