Life Under a Microscope

Microscope is  something that everyone can use, and helpful to everyone. Not only the scientists, students like me can use microscope to look at the small things that we can’t look at it with my eyes. It can be cells, organelles… There are many things that we can’t see with our eyes. That’s what the microscope does. 

If there was no microscope in the world, I think we wouldn’t have a subject called “science”, and the humans would not know anything about cells, and it means that the humans will never going to know what the smallest unit of living things in the world is. They wouldn’t know about the bacterias and different things that we need opto know for the people’s health. That might cause a serious problem like people are dying because they doesn’t know that the problem is, and it can cause more serious problem. I got more ideas today, and I got to know that the microscope is a very helpful invention that has to be in the world for us. (Not only for the science class!)

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