Humanities EAL Q1 reflection – reading

Reflections on my English language learning : ReadingReading:

Which books have you read this quarter (please list them)? 

  • Gangsta Granny
  • The Longest Whale Song
  • Fourth grade Rats
  • Parent Agency(?) but stopped while reading

What genres were they? 

  • Gangsta Granny: adventure, Fiction
  • The Longest Whale Song: realistic fiction, Fiction
  • Charlotte’s web: Classic (reading)

What reading level were they?

  • The Longest Whale Song: Q
  • Gangsta Granny: Q
  • Charlotte’s web: R

What are you proud of with your reading? 

I am proud that I am using sticky notes while reading, and I’m reading every day.
What strategies are you using to help you more deeply comprehend and understand what you read (either fiction or non-fiction)?

I am using the sticky notes to write some of the ideas that I have while reading, like predictions, questions about characters, what is going to happen next.. and stick on the book.
What do you think you need to work on with your reading next semester? (be specific; give an example if you can): 

 I like inferring while we are reading <Home of the Brave>, so I can try doing some inferring while I am reading my independent reading book. And I also want to continue reading consistently, and I want to really concentrate more while I am reading the book at home, and to make the reading time more longer if I can, so I can read more, and think more while reading.

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