The Happiness Project

The happiness project is the journal that we get to do it every day when we come to humanities support class, and it really makes me happy when I write what I am happy about.

What do you enjoy about the project?

I enjoy that I get to write about what I’m happy about, and if I don’t have anything that I’m happy about, I get to think about happy things that are around us, and it really makes me feel happy, and I enjoy that I get to be happy.

How was it changed the way you think about yourself?

By doing happiness project, I got to know that the things that I have near me, and what I think that is sure for me to have it  is what I need to be thankful about. And also when I think that I am not happy,  I got to know that I have something that I’m happy of.

How was meditation helped you in class?

I think doing meditation in class didn’t help me much, but it helped me to make me concentrate in the class.

EAL Support Reflection-Semester2

In EAL class, we have been working on Non-fiction reading and writing strategies. One strategy that helped me was strategy 3, Say it out loud because it helped me to understand the words. Another strategy strategy that helped me was strategy 1, making 2-D into 3-D. I think that strategy helps me to think deeply about one text. One area I would like to work / improve on is lookimg at the person who is talking(Mr.Cook) so I know what to do!

Semester 1 Reflection

I liked to play running dictation because I think it helped me to write, read and talk fast while doing the game, and it was also fun. I liked it more because it was the story that our class made it all together. I could remember the story longer, and I also like it because there was pictures.