Jiyun’s Learning Story

ConversationFor me the most important learning was the conversation with my partner. Now I understand that conversations are different from a quick share. Quick share is quick talk, but when we get to do a conversation, my partner and I get to talk and build on other ideas. This skill is useful to me as a learner because when I have a conversation, I get to think deep about my idea and my partner’s idea. As a next step I will prepare more to have more ideas to share in conversation. Also, I got to know that preparing for the conversation is very important because when my partner and I didn’t prepare and recorded it, we didn’t have anything to say, but when we were prepared, we could share our ideas, and build on our ideas. So when we get prepared, we can learn more from each other. To make a good conversation, you will have to be prepared for the conversation, and if your partner goes out of the topic, you’ll have to bring them back to the topic. Also, you have to concentrate to your partner so you can learn and build on your ideas.

 To remember the things that I learn in school is to concentrate to my learning in my classroom so I can learn and remember well. 


Narrative Reflection.

Rain in Italy
Jiyun Chung.

When I went to Italy for 4 days, it rained very much. In fourth day, When we were going out to see something very famous in Italy, we didn’t brought umbrellas because we didn’t thought it will rain a lot.
We were waiting outside to go in, and suddenly, the sky was like a black crayon. The rain started. My friend had an umbrella for emergency, but it was small to get 4 peoples in. The rain became fast and thick, so if I go out of that small umbrella, I become wet in 1 second. People who forgot, or doesn’t have an umbrella started to scream, and a woman who was in front my mother hired my mother’s eye with her elbow by mistake. She was covering her eyes with her hands, so I thought she was crying. But she wasn’t. She said it was just hurting. I don’t like that woman a little. After a few minutes, we could go into that building if we wait for 3~4 minutes more only. We went inside a door, and it was very crowded.

My mother and my friend’s mother was in the staircase, waiting to get into the another door which was before us, and me and my friend were waiting to get in the front last door to go in, but in the middle of moms and us, there was very many Japanese people and a Japanese guide. I was little scared and afraid because I couldn’t see my mom and my friend’s mother. I was afraid I felt like I was losted. But my friend was very brave. So she always relaxed me when I was afraid. She said “don’t worry. They will be there.” We went inside of a building, and waited for my mother and my father to came.

They didn’t came, so my friend worried a little, too. But they came with another side of a door. I hugged my mom, and my friend said “Look, she’s here!” to me. I was very happy to meet my mom again. In this problem, I was reminded that I will bring my umbrella when I’m going out somewhere, and tell my mom to bring an umbrella, too. Because this day, my mother and I became very wet like we took a shower before one minute and I don’t have to worry a lot when I lost my mother or I was scared. When I was scared. When I’m scared or losted, I just have to wait.