Math Reflection

Learning Habits

A learning habit that is a strength or that I have improved on is responsible because I completed all the homework that I need to do, and brought all the things that I need for math class. (Bringing charged iPads).

A learning habit that is a challenge for me is because collaborative because I am still shy to share my ideas with other people, but I think I am improving on that.


Most proud of my understanding of the following math standard is -Write and evaluate numerical expressions involving whole-number exponents. Because I didn’t know anything about exponents and numerical expressions before I got to learn what it is and how to do it.


 Most challenged in my understanding of the following math standard is -Write an inequality to present a constraint or condition and graph its solutions on number line. I’m challenged by inequalities because I get confused.

Understanding of Ratios.

ratio is something that comparing numbers. Like in soccer game, we compare two numbers with ratios. Example- 4:7.  

There’s many ways to compare ratios, 

  • Compare ratios using LCM.


  • Find UNIT RATE using division.
  • Making TABLE / CHART.