Maths Reflection (PTC)

Learning Habits

A learning habit that is a strength or that I have improved on is responsible because I completed all the homework that I need to do, and brought all the things that I need for math class. (Bringing charged iPads).

A learning habit that is a challenge for me is because collaborative because I am still shy to share my ideas with other people, but I think I am improving on that.


 Most proud of my understanding of the following math standard is -Write and evaluate numerical expressions involving whole-number exponents. Because  I didn’t know anything about exponents and numerical expressions, 


Life Under a Microscope

Microscope is  something that everyone can use, and helpful to everyone. Not only the scientists, students like me can use microscope to look at the small things that we can’t look at it with my eyes. It can be cells, organelles… There are many things that we can’t see with our eyes. That’s what the microscope does. 

If there was no microscope in the world, I think we wouldn’t have a subject called “science”, and the humans would not know anything about cells, and it means that the humans will never going to know what the smallest unit of living things in the world is. They wouldn’t know about the bacterias and different things that we need opto know for the people’s health. That might cause a serious problem like people are dying because they doesn’t know that the problem is, and it can cause more serious problem. I got more ideas today, and I got to know that the microscope is a very helpful invention that has to be in the world for us. (Not only for the science class!)

What is Life?

The characteristics of living things are all made of cells. And cell is to have a cellular orgnization, use energy, reproduce, grow and develop. All living things needs oxygen,sun(light), water, nice temperature… 

For John Doe’s parent, I recommend them to keep him in the machine because we still have hope that John Doe is making some gurgling sound, and blinking. Some other students said that 3month is enough, and we don’t have any hope because he is not showing any progress. But I don’t agree with that. It can be a long time to John Doe’s parents, but the text said that his parents could do any thing for John Doe  if they knew that he was alive. I think that is telling me that John Doe is very important for his parents. I have another reason to keep John Doe in the machine because the text says that the small part of his brain is alive, and working.

In my first Socratic seminar in science class about John Doe was nice, and I got more ideas from other student’s opinion. I think it would be better if I spoke out more louder so that everyone could understand what I am saying. But for this time, I liked that I could learn something new from other students.

Semester 1 Reflection

My highlight in Science semester 1 is the Rock Cycle Simulation because it was fun to touch other kinds of rocks, and do the experiment with crayons. I think that experiment helped me to understand and remember the rock cycle properly.

I think the scientific vocabulary words were challenging for me like erosion and deposition, and memorizing the words for earth structure  like  mantle and inner core and outer core. 

The goals for science 6 semester 2 is to work more on memorizing things like words or rock cycle, so I could remember it for long times. 

Traffic Problem

In this problem, I have to get the time that I need to go out of the freeway.
At first, I changed 1,1/2 into 1,3/6.

Next, I divided them into 4 because the problem says that I can travel 2/3 miles in hour.


There are 2and 1/4 blocks. That means I need 2 hours and 15 minutes to go out of the freeway. 

(1/4blocks=15 minutes)

Japan Tsunami 2011

On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake happened in Sendai, Japan. Tsunami are waves caused by sudden movement of the ocean. 

Tsunami waves destroyed boats, buildings, bridges, cars, trees, telephone lines, power lines…

280000 people were lost and dead.  

30km below the floor of the western Pacific Ocean.

Unit 1 Reflection

What are some things that you feel proud of learning in science class so far this year?
I felt proud to learn how to use the triple beam balance and a trundle wheel.


What are some challenges you have faced in science class so far this year?
I had challenged the scientific words in science class in this year.

What are some things you would like to improve upon?
I will improve my scientific words. And I want to learn about plasma.

How do you plan to do this? What help/ resources would you need?
I will read many books about science, and I will search about it if I don’t understand.

Going through phases

Going through Phases

What did you do?
What tools did you use?
What was the procedure for this investigation?
What does the data tell you? Answer the questions in part A & B
A. Investigation part I (Solid – Liquid phase change)
When did you notice a change in temperature?

What did you observe about the temperature of the water over time once the ice was completely melted?

Why did the temperature of the water stop rising?

B. Investigation part II (Liquid – Gas phase change)
1. What was added to the water in the beaker on the hot plate that caused the temperature to change?
2. Describe the temperature of the water while it was being heated to the point of evaporation.
3. Did the temperature reach boiling point before or after the water began to evaporate?
Sources of error: 
What are some reasons that your data/ results may not be accurate?
Some more thinking:
What if water was only available in solid form? How would it affect our bodies?

2. What if metals were only available in liquid form? How would if affect the way we travel?
Data Table & Graph