Reflection of Motion

Before I learnt about motion in this class, I didn’t really have any idea what motion is. But after the First class about motion, I got to know that motion is movement, action, moving…etc, and after that, I learnt that motion is a change is position. I think I developed a lot, but also, compared to scientist’s understanding of motion, I think I’ll need to develop myself s lot more, because I know that the scientists know more about motion, because they’ve experienced more, like experiments, or study.

An activity that have been most meaningful to my learning  is Tumble Buggy project, because fun, and also interesting to solve problems we’ve got by ourselves. Also, it was also nice to do a group work, becasuse it helped me being collaborative, too. And, I think this activity helped me to make a growth in an understanding of motion, by saying “motion of a tumble buggy”.  The surprising part that I found out is that I was a little bit more collaborative while I was doing the project. Also, I’ve thought about motion in many other times. I have thought about motion in PE class, in the car…etc. The question I have is the difference of speed and velocity.

I think the most high barrier is vocabularies for me, because I am not really good at English, and I don’t understand many words, as I did for motion. (I didn’t exactly know the meaning). So for that problem I have, I can make a place for science vocabularies that I don’t know, as I did in 6th grade.(in 6thgrade, there was a section in notebook where we have to find the meaning of hard vocabularies.)

If I can change something, or try something new for the Tumble Buggy project, I would try changing the way to make the Tumble Buggy to go straight, because before, we used tapes and rulers to make the path for Tumble Buggy, but I think it probably affected the Tumble Buggy, and I want to know if there are other ways. Like making one side of the tumble buggy heavier, for example.

I am not really sure what we are going to learn about next, but I can still predict that we’ll learn something that is related to motion, because we’ve learnt about motion, or maybe we could learn something different from motion.

Anyone who has the link